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What Loan Options Do You Have for Your New Home Build?

new home builders in South Carolina

When you are planning to partner with new home builders in South Carolina, you have several loan options available and most likely, no idea where to start. Between the three different kinds of loan options—Construction-only loan, Construction-to-permanent loan, and End loan—you can choose the best option catered to your needs. Skip the research and read […]

Build or Buy: What’s Right for You?

building a home in South Carolina

When considering whether to build or buy a home in South Carolina, it’s a decision that cannot be taken lightly. From financing to layout, the pros and cons of each should be weighed before making a final decision. When building a home in South Carolina, many factors should be taken into to decide whether or […]

5 Tips for Designing the Landscaping on Your New Home

SC new home build landscaping

Starting your SC new home build journey is a fresh start to creating the perfect outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, have an inviting place for friends and family, or just want a space to relax, landscaping design is key when building your new home. Here are five tips that can […]

How Much Land Do You Need to Build a Home?

new home build in South Carolina

When it comes to not only building your home, but building a home on your land, every decision matters. When asing yourself the question, “I want to build a home on my land”, you have think of a few things, from the style of the house to the location of your lot, each choice affects […]

5 Best Places to Live in South Carolina

SC home builder

Southern hospitality isn’t just a saying. In South Carolina, you’re sure to experience a warm welcome and friendly faces. With gas prices skyrocketing and gentrification taking full form, many people are looking for a place to call home that doesn’t break the bank. South Carolina is starting to look like a more and more tempting […]

How are Property Taxes Assessed on a New Construction Home?

how are property taxes assessed on a new construction home

Buying or building a home is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences! If you’re like most homebuyers, you’ve been saving up, scouring listings, and going to open houses for months or for some people, even years. Or maybe you haven’t found your perfect home yet and you’ve decided to build your own. No […]